Service - Terms & Condition

  • The “Original” copy of the service form should be presented to collect your unit. 
  • You will not have any claims over the unit if it’s not collected within 30 days of notification or after 90 days from date on Service Form.
  • Diagnosis fees will apply if the repair quotation is rejected for devices out of warranty or devices under warranty that are defected due to physical damage or unauthorized modifications hence requiring out of warranty repair quotation and is rejected by the customer or where proceeding with the repair is not possible due to these factors and the fees are as follows:
    Mac SR 200
    All other Apple products SR 100.
    Prices excluding VAT
  • In case of unauthorized modifications, and/or non genuine parts found  “i.e. Non original display” the company will not be responsible for any damage that might happen during diagnosis, and might be unable to return the device to the same condition as received from customer.
  • Operating Systems Restoration is not covered by warranty, charges apply as follow:
    Mac: 250 SR
    iPhone, iPad, iPod and other: 100 SR
    Prices excluding VAT
  • Service Centre will not be responsible for any data loss. Erasing all data and reinstalling OS/iOS is required for diagnosis. Please back up your data, remove all personal information that you want to protect and disable all security passwords. 
  • Diagnose Time required is 3 business days from receiving date, estimated date of delivery is 14 Business days from receiving date, depending on availability of spare parts required. 
  • Please make sure to deactivate Activation Lock (iCloud/Find My iPhone) from iOS units before delivering to service. We will not be able to provide any service to devices with Activation Lock activated, and the company will not be responsible for any delay due this. In case you are unable to deactivate the Activation Lock, please contact Apple Call Center in the Kingdom. 
  • All accessories must be removed including any screen protection. The company will not be responsible for any accessory damage or loss.   
  • Service will be provided as per the Apple’s Hardware Warranties policy, please find at the following link: